Being a Working Girl in Soviet Russia

It was a tricky business,that’s for sure. Russian Communist Government claimed that “prostitution does not exist in Russia”. Pretty bold statement, when you consider the fact that it IS, in fact, the world’s oldest profession and the one that survived wars,famine,draught,floods and rise and fall of whole empires.
Working Girls came in 2 categories: those who did it from time to time,locally and within a small circle of clients and “interdevochki” translates loosely as “international girls”.
Interdevochki were seasoned pros, who all knew each other and  worked out of the bars of the “Intourist” hotels-hotels specifically designated by Russian government for foreign tourist’s stay. Those hotels were a lot better than average, un-inaccessible to Russian travelers and accepted foreign currency only as payment.
Being in possession of foreign currency by average Russian citizen was a crime in itself, unless one could prove that it was obtained  legitimately: for instance, my father was a Chief Coach for Soviet Yachting Team and traveled abroad regularly. He routinely brought back foreign money.
The only currency trading shops were located inside “Intourist” hotels and if an average Joe attempted to trade in there, police would be called and he would be extensively questioned and, quite possibly, imprisoned.

That paired with the fact that prostitution was illegal as well made “interdevochki”‘s job very dangerous indeed.
They usually went into “Intourist” hotel’s bars to “have a drink” and score a customer. It involved tipping a manager and a bartender and there was no guarantee that those will not report the girl to the police AFTER taking her money.
Once the contact with potential client was made,the “couple” usually had dinner and then went up to the room. Every floor had a desk and a “floor manager” (usually a woman) who monitored comings and goings. She had to be tipped as well. Again, a lot of times the manager would accept the bribe and then call the cops.
As the act of prostitution itself could not be proven,police tried catching girls exiting room/hotel with foreign currency in their bag. That was considered sufficient proof.
Most of the girls were known to the police and a lot of bribery took place. Everyone was making money while only the girls had to actually “put out” to earn it.
The biggest goal of every “interdevochka” was to get the foreigner to fall in love with her, marry her and take her out of Russia. This was successful at times. Other times it ended tragically.
I was never an “interdevochka”. My town was way too small: we only had one “Intourist” hotel and it would become known very quickly that I am a prostitute. Instead, I was content with my friend Nellie’s circle of punters. Among them some prominent members of Communist Party, successful directors of major factories, deans of students of prestigious universities and just plain rich middle-aged fucks.
Accommodation was another issue: back then one couldn’t just go a check into a hotel. There wasn’t that many of them to begin with and for a local to do so would raise all kinds of questions and suspicions. So few enterprising women (some single, some married) were letting their bedrooms on occasion. They were known to both punters and WLs. In fact, it is through them that “the dates” were organised.
Punter would ring the “madame” and express his desire to see someone on a certain day/time. The woman then would ring whatever WLs she knew to find out who were available for that specific day/time. Arrangements would be made, the girls and the client would meet at the flat and “do the deed”. “Madame” would receive about $10 roubles for her trouble (considering that average monthly salary in Russia back then was 100 roubles,this was quite generous profitable business).
Punters who were really rich and/or held high posts with the government usually had an opulent flat in the city (where they lived with wife and kids) AND out-of-town villas (where they visited only occasionally). Often times the “dates” took place in those villas.
I turned tricks about 2-3 times a month on an average. It was difficult for me to get away,as I lived with my mom and she was incredibly strict and controlling. She was not at all beyond spying on me and trying to follow me and looking through my things. I could never just say “I’m going out”. I had to tell her exactly where and whom with (and those people had to meet with her approval) and leave the phone numbers as to where I can be reached (no cellphones back then). I also had a strict curfew-11pm at the latest.
So I had to come up with elaborate cover stories that would have several “layers” and would be very difficult to verify/trace.
I was not allowed to wear any make-up until I was in my second year of University, so I had to borrow Nellie’s and then carefully remove all traces of it before I went home.
Our clients were mostly middle-aged overweight disgusting men with a lot of hair everywhere and terrible body odor. I am fairly certain that they needed us because their wives refused to have sex with them anymore (and I don’t blame them).
They were rough and crude and there was no any “lovemaking” happening-it was a “fuck”,plain and simple.
Things usually went pretty smoothly, but I did have several “bad” jobs.
One time I turned up at “madam”‘s flat and there were 2 guys. I felt uneasy, but “madam” said she knew them and they were OK. At first I thought I would “service” them one after another, but just as soon as I got undressed, both of them were right there, grabbing me and pulling me into bed. I can only describe that booking as a rape. That was my first experience with anal sex as well. It hurt like hell and I was crying and screaming and trying to get away, but they held me down and proceeded until they were both done.  Then they got dressed without a word and walked away,leaving money on the table while I was on the bed in fetal position sobbing.
“Madam” didn’t come to my rescue. I think she got paid quite a bit to facilitate that encounter.
I was very sore, but all I could do was to clean up and go home. I had to look all happy and hold it together,as I could never let my mother suspect that something was wrong. She would have never taken my side. In fact, she would probably turn me over to police.
I didn’t “work” for a while after that episode until Nellie talked me into doing it again.
Another time a client got really violent. He was strangling me and at some point I was on the verge of passing out. He let go just in the nick of time. I’m not sure I would’ve survived had he held on for a couple seconds longer.
Few times clients would have me on my knees giving them blow jobs while they were standing up. They would grab the back of my head and shove their cocks into my throat, effectively closing off my airways.
There was no one to guide me through all the “learning curves”,as Nellie and I didn’t talk much about particulars of the job. I think we were both ashamed, although we acted as if we were OK with everything.
I did learn a lot, though.
Now I know how to be in control of the situation at all times without the client realising it. I also know how to protect myself and prevent a bad situation from happening. With all my experience, I simply do not take certain risks-it’s not worth it and I recognise potential danger beforehand