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I have decided to put some pics of the Dungeon up. My dungeon is the best equipped on the country .See My website at . I cater for a huge variety of fantasy and fetishes, including but not limited to the following:
Slave training
Cock and ball torment
Anal play, anal stretching
Medical play
Cross dressing
Corporal punishment, spanking, caning flogging
Rubber play
Foot fetish
Metal and leather cuffs bondage
Animal roles
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Spring is here !!

Spring is here! And just as Spring brings new baby lambies and daffodils it also brings new Kiwi ladies to Paradise.

We’re loving the variety that we have, and I’m very proud of the lovely batch that we have right now.

We’re lucky enough to have the sexy Darcy join us, she has a gorgeous deep tan with a Carmen Electra body, startling blue eyes and long jet black hair. A very sexy minx who mingles maturity with a vibrant personality, the kind of girl you could have a laidback chat with or a marathon sex session. This lady comes to us highly recommended, we’ve also just completed an intial photoshoot to give you a wee taste.

Also joining us this week is the lovely Hailee, a long-legged beautiful brunette. She’s a smouldering part-Maori girl with a sophisticated demeanour, big brown eyes and a hot little size 8 body with gorgeous C cup breasts. If you like long, lean limbs and a cheeky sense of humour then you’ll love her foxy attitude. Hailee has a whole new photoshoot, when it comes to photos this girl’s a natural!

Our other new lady Alex, is brand new to the industry, a natural beauty with sun-kissed waist-length hair, lightly tanned skin and a petite frame – think girls next door meets Sasha Grey. This lady is definitely a girlfriendy type, so please be gentle with her as she is brand-spanking new.


Another little spruce up is the VIP which we are working on each week, with over 20 people joining in the last fortnight this has been keeping me busy. Remember that the VIPs have their own little rewards each week, plus their own section in the VIP area so that they can view more photos of our ladies including full body shots and faces. I am working on a video but those how know me know I am a little computer-challenged here and learning a new program … it is coming! 

All in all a very good start to spring – it is the time to get frisky!!!

Cheers Phiona

For all those people who are trying to barter at the moment we have a very sexy new member of the team, she is call Electrolux. Very shapely, very good at deep throat, you could say she …sucks like a vacuum cleaner!

My (non-existent) relationship with drugs (By Yana)

I’ve never done any drugs. Ever.

That’s because when I was growing up in Russia, drugs were not at all common and usually people who did them were hard-core criminals and ex-cons (as in killers,robbers,rapists-seriously bad people,outcasts of the society).

Doing drugs was not considered “hip” or “cool”. On the contrary, it would make one extremely undesirable acquaintance due to the reason above.
Drugs (of any kind) were not easy to get, either. One would have to deal with those criminal types in order to obtain them and most people just didn’t have associations like that and wouldn’t know how to go about getting introduced to one.

Drugs and their use carried a stigma-a very bad one. I remember when I was at the Uni rumours started about one of the girls: people were saying she might be using drugs. I honestly don’t know whether she did or didn’t, but she rapidly became very UN-popular, as no one wanted to be associated with her.

People stopped inviting her to their parties and didn’t want to go over her house,either.
Drug use,possession and distribution was a very serious offense with grave consequences. There was no leniency for those caught.
Consider this as a comparison: being caught in a sexual act with the same-sex person was a felony offense punishable by jail term in Russia back then, so you can only imagine how drug use/possession was viewed.

There was no leniency for those prosecuted and, as Russia didn’t have the jury system back then (the case was heard by the Court Judge and he/she was the only person to weight the evidence, determine whether or not the person was guilty AND decide on the appropriate punishment/length of sentencing), Judges dispensed lengthy sentencing periods in the hardest of jails.

Hell, back then smoking (regular cigarettes) was a big deal for a woman, especially a young woman. I never had any desire to start smoking, but I remember standing guard at the door of one of the empty lecture halls at the Uni while a group of my girlfriends smoked inside by the open window…LOL..

I realise Western culture is quite the opposite: one does drugs often due to the peer pressure, in order to fit in and be part of the group. Well, it wasn’t like that in Russia back then (it’s all different now, of course). There was no such term as “recreational drugs”-all drugs were considered extremely bad, dangerous and deadly.

The Government constantly used drug addicts from Western world in mass propaganda, depicting them as dirty junkies who lost all control of their lives. They produced documentaries about it, pounding in our heads the notion that drugs are highly addictive and one can get hooked from doing it just once and end up  like all those people wondering the streets crazy-eyed, homeless and dirty in “capitalist world”.

Surely, you understand how all that would have an effect: I was deathly afraid of drugs and wasn’t even a bit curious.

When I moved to US (still very young), drug culture was there, sure, but not amongst the people I associated with. Back then drugs in US were either pass-time of hippies or very well-to-do rich people.

I was amongst neither: I was just a waitress who worked two (and sometimes three) jobs trying to make end meet. All my friends were mostly the same. We were working way too much and had way too little money and drugs were expensive.
Besides, it wasn’t easy to get drugs, either: one had to know people, rotate in certain circles…
It was also very much illegal and seriously enforced.
In fact, when I worked in Las Vegas, pretty much any job you applied for (definitely any and all casino jobs) required mandatory drug testing. You also had to sign a contract stipulating that random drug tests could be administered by your employer at any time for any reason without any notice.

And employers did it, too: I’ve seen my co-workers pulled off the floor in the middle of the shift and sent for drug tests.

Testing positive was grounds for immediate dismissal and one had no right to appeal.
I was a Union member-still proudly hold my Local 226 Culinary Union badge-but even Unions were powerless to save your job if you tested positive for drugs.

By that time I’ve also got to know myself better and realised that I am quite a control freak. Seeing many movies portraying people under the influence of drugs, all I could think of was that drugs make you loose control and the thought scared me to no end.

Several years went by and I found myself in Adult Entertainment Industry. My first ever stripper job was at this small club in Las Vegas.
When I first started there, I was in awe of one of the girls, Erica. She was the “top girl” of that club.

Not classically beautiful, she was very attractive. She had this “Southern Belle”/Scarlet O’Hara thing going on (she did piled it on kind of thick, but it worked). Always immaculately made-up, with perfect bob haircut, she was graceful and classy.

She made a lot of money: guys waited for up to an hour sometimes to have a private dance with her. She told clients a story of her family back in Mississippi and how she was sending money to help them..
She invited very, very few back to her apartment and even then wasn’t granting them any sexual favours (I know all that because my then-future, now-ex  husband was one of those few).

Rather, she talked to guys about investing in a business she was part of. She was quite vague about the kind of business it was, just told them it would bring great returns.
She was asking for thousands of dollars, implying that she would, indeed sleep with them if they invested.

At the time, I wanted to be just like Erica: I wanted her grace and poise, her immaculate sense of style and, mostly, I wanted to be able to make the kind of money she made…
One day I walked into club’s dressing room and saw Erica sitting cross-legged on the floor in the corner. She looked up at me and I gasped: gone was grace and poise. Her make-up was smeared and her hair was a mess. She kept wiping her nose with the back of her hand and saying “Sorry, ya’ll… Bad day”. She was clearly off her face on something (I had no idea what at the time).
Shortly after I moved to a bigger and better club (Olympic Gardens) and haven’t thought much of Erica until a few months later when one of my old clients from the little club came in. He recognised me and asked for a few lap dances. We started talking about the other club.

Suddenly he asked my if I remembered Erica. He told me a sad story. Apparently, he was one of those few whom she invited over. He really liked her, but she kept asking for larger and larger amounts until he told her he simply could not afford seeing her anymore.
He hadn’t heard from her for several month until one day, out of the blue she rang him and asked to meet. When he saw her, he didn’t recognise her: she lost a lot of weight and was almost skeletal, her hair lost all shine and was stringy, she was unkempt and, most importantly, she was clearly doing drugs and was now a full-blown junkie.
Fred (the client) was shocked. He told me he felt both sorry for her and repulsed. She asked him for money and he said “No”. He couldn’t bare the sight of her and cut the meeting short. She called him half an hour later, crying, telling him that her boyfriend will kill her of she didn’t bring any money back and telling him that she’d do ANYTHING for $100.
Fred went over her house. It was terrible. Hardly any furniture, bare mattress on the floor-just like a scene from one of those movies. He didn’t want to have sex with her-he couldn’t even bring himself to think about it. He gave her $100 and his business card. He told her to pin his business card to her panties with a safety pin, so when (not if) she dies, someone would call him and he would make  arrangements. He knew her days were numbered.

Fred didn’t think she’d do it, but, apparently, she did. I saw Fred few months later and he told me he got the call one day: Erica was dead.
To this day, I have an image of her clear in my mind. Someone who was so intelligent and successful, so in control, who made so much money, granted sexual favours to selected few, ended up dying on a dirty mattress in a crack house before the age of 33. All because of drugs. I can never get past that.
Needless to say, that whole episode did not make me want to try drugs. If anything, drugs scared me even more.

When I moved to NZ, I was absolutely shocked at how wide spread and socially acceptable drugs are.

I was a supervisor in a restaurant and all of the school kids who worked for me seemed to be doing them, talking about them and even using them as an excuse for their tardiness.
I saw my employees sell drugs to each other almost openly.
Once, while having lunch in Napier, on the terrace of one of the restaurants in the middle of the city, in broad daylight, they started passing a joint around! I couldn’t believe it!
There was this one guy- a walking pharmacy-who could get anything for anyone. He would just text one of his numerous “sources” and eventually drugs would materialise.
I was older and wiser, though. I knew in a country as small as New Zealand is, there was no way this behaviour would go unnoticed by the police.
Sure enough, there was infamous drug bust that ended in 2 people dead (one of them a drug dealer, one a police officer) and a three-day stand-off in Napier, closely followed by a nation-wide sting (“Switched-on Gardener” operation).

I’ve talked to a lot of people who used drugs. Some would only do it occasionally, some are addicts… I asked what the effects were on a person from a different substances. It appears different people are affected differently.
One thing all those people have told me is that I should never try any of it. It seems to be a consensus among my friends and acquaintances (some of whom are extremely well-educated and have medical degrees) that due to my control-freak nature I would never have a “good trip” no matter what kind of drug…They say it would just freak me out and I ‘d be absolutely miserable.
Well, I’m glad I’ve made the right decision all those years ago.
I don’t pass judgement: a lot of my friends do drugs occasionally. Some of them handle them better than others. I have a friend who used to be a serious heroin addict for years and it is still a daily struggle for her to stay clean. Another friend just does it from time to time and is what I call a “responsible drug user”…
We are all adults and as such we are our own keepers.
My friends respect the fact that I am not curious about drugs and do not want to try any of it ever. They never ask me to.

I try to avoid clients who are seriously under influence of substances, as it usually affects their performance, which, in turn, causes other problems and could, potentially, make them loose their temper and become violent..

I don’t want  clients  bringing any drugs into my premises, either, as they inevitably would try to get me to do them. I never would and it makes for an unpleasant booking.
Besides, I’ve been reading one of the other WGs blog where she told a story of a client throwing contents of a bottle of rush in her face in the middle of the booking (ostensibly, he brought it in for his own consumption).

I’ve talked about risk assessment and risk management in my previous post and drugs just fall into category of unacceptable risk for me (in more ways than one, as I don’t want police busting down my door in the middle of the booking because my client happens to be a wanted drug dealer).

Sex business: it is like any other business, yet it’s not (By Yana)

I often see replies on various industry forums (mostly by clients)  about professionalism in sex industry, pointing out that it’s “just like any other business”.
It IS in a sense that it should be well-organised, scheduled, structured and managed, but at the same time it ISN’T because we provide very intimate, personal service that goes far beyond any other business could possibly provide.
Due to the nature of our business, we have to be able to withstand very close scrutiny of our looks and physique, for starters. I’ve seen reviews on the forums where punters comments were “her stomach was 99% flat”… “very average looks”… not to mention the infamous “gape factor”. And I’m only listing very mild, almost kind comments here. Sometimes it gets pretty crude.
Can you imagine walking into the bank and making a face at the teller, saying “You are nothing like your bank’s commercials on TV. You are much older and fatter. I want the hot chick from commercial to serve me”…
Or walking into Travel Centre and saying “I saw hot blond travel agent on TV eating a bug and surfing the waves in her uniform. I want you to eat a bug! And then I want you to pour water all over yourself so I ca see your boobies through your uniform. What do you mean you can’t??! It’s false advertising!”..
Yes, in any other business there rude customers, but personal attacks are not tolerated these days and there are options: badly behaved client could be asked to leave or (in case of a restaurant) a waitress could simply ask other staff member (preferably big burly guy) to serve him.
In sex industry we must deal with clients (nice AND rude) head-on.
I am not for a minute advocating photo shopped pictures or any kind of misrepresentation by WGs in their ads, so if you were getting ready for a rant, please read this post to the very end.
I simply am saying that we have to put up with a lot more personal attacks, scrutiny and unkind comments from our clientele than any other business professionals.
This line of work is not for the faint of heart or those who have poor self-esteem or low self-differentiation.
It’s easy to say “Oh, don’t take it personal”, but it is much harder to do.
I am sure every and each one of you (clients and WGs alike) had someone make a comment that really hurt and stuck with you for a long time.
We are only humans and it is human nature to take things personally.
One of my friends told me a story about a Dom session where his manhood was belittled and made fun of by Dominatrix. It was all part of a session, but for years afterwards he thought himself to be rather small (when, fact is, he is actually very well-endowed, bigger than average).
What we see in the mirror is largely what we perceive ourselves to be and a lot of that perception has to do with others opinion of us.
Others perception of us is not objective, either… It all depends on the kind of mood they are in or what’s going on in their personal and professional lives.
When one is upset about something (anything at all), one cease to see the “big picture” and is not open-minded. Instead, one is looking for a fault in everything, and anything can set him/her off.
And that’s where WGs have to exercise extreme caution. We only have few seconds to make a huge decision: whether or not our next client will hurt or mistreat us.
No, it doesn’t happen often. Generally, the clients are mild-mannered.
But it is my firm belief that low statistics of violence in sex industry are in no small part due to sex workers being vigilant and choosing their clientele carefully.
Reality is, most men are much bigger and stronger than most women and can overpower a WG easily.
Another reality is that there are a lot of violent guys out there. Any little thing can set them off.
Just today I read in NZ Herald about a boy from a high school who first stoned a mother duck to death, then ripped off the head from one of her ducklings because it defecated on his hand (all during a resess).
Last year there was a horrific incident where a 15-year old boy violently raped and beaten 5-year old girl who was sleeping peacefully in her parent’s camper van (with parents being only meters away).
There was a news article a few weeks ago about a guy going absolutely berserk inside one of the fast food chain stores because his order was wrong (he even attacked the police officer who tried to restrain him).
I can go on and on…
So when someone calls us, we use those precious seconds to evaluate the situation. We have to trust our gut instinct. Yes, it could be wrong at times (not very often, though) and we might loose a perfectly fine booking, but I’d rather miss out on a couple of hundreds of dollars than put myself in harm’s way.
Guys, please understand this and try tailor your conversation with us (especially when you are contacting a WG for the first time) accordingly.
A lot of things that seem innocuous to you might set off alarm bells in our heads.
For instance, don’t lie about things for no reason: it just looks suspicious and we can’t help but wonder why it is you are compelled to lie.
I had someone contact me via text and claim that he’s seen me before on one of my tours. Little does he know that I keep meticulous records of names, dates and phone numbers (no record of him).. And I do not see intoxicated clients (for reasons explained above). So his comments about “not remembering much of a small talk because he was wasted” didn’t get him a desired result. I won’t see him because I can’t help but wonder why he lied.
Another guy contacted me (again, via text) claiming to be “good friends” with one of the popular WGs here in NZ. He assumed (incorrectly) that it would gain my trust. In fact, after several exchanges I knew he was lying and that notion proved to be correct when instead of making a booking, he IMPLIED that he will make one (who knows when), but in the meantime would like to sext for a while… He must have thought I am really, really stupid.
Someone rang last week, while I was on a tour, starting conversation with “I’ve spoken with you about a booking before” (he NEVER had) and “I’ve seen your ad SEVERAL times” (the ad only ran in that paper for one day that one time). I still have no idea why he lied, but I just didn’t like it.
There was a guy in Wellington, calling from a land line and claiming it to be his first time (as in first time ever booking a WG), yet, before I even brought it up, he said “I know, I need to call you back from my cellphone”…
Another No-No is asking a WG (ESPECIALLY on tour) “So, have you been busy today? Had many bookings?”,as the only thing I can think of is the guy is trying to figure out how much money I have in my bag with intention of robbery…
What doesn’t get on the open forums much are cases of violence,rape,robbery. Every country has a closed forum, for WGs only (some countries have several) where we post warnings.
Here’s just a few examples from those forums:
-Client showed up for a booking, paid, went through with the booking, then stole ALL the money WG had in her purse when she wasn’t looking..
-Variation of the above: beat the girl up after the booking and THEN robbed her of all her money
-Client removed the condom undetected
-Client forced sexual acts NOT agreed upon (anal is the most common)
-Rape (when WG refused to go through with the booking)
-Guy seemed perfectly fine in the beginning, then became unstable during the booking
-Client turned into obsessive stalker
The list is very long. And it gets new entries every day.
So when we decline a booking, for whatever reason, please respect it. You might be a perfectly nice guy, but if something bothers us or something does not sit well, we simply must go with our gut instinct.
It’s not about being a snob and turning our noses up at some one’s money, not at all. Being cautious and outright suspicious is par for the course in our line of work.
Sometimes the client shows up and it is clear in the first 60 seconds that it is not going to work. It could be anything. Some guys make comments that are belittling or offensive. Sometimes it’s just their attitude towards women that is unacceptable. Sometimes they are clearly under influence of substances.
It is not a good idea to go through with a booking in that case. Smart WGs usually refund ALL the money and politely decline.
If such booking is accepted, it usually ends up with both parties being upset/unhappy. It results in client feeling that he’s been ripped off and WG feeling that she has been mistreated. It could also have far-reaching consequences, such as bad reviews and potential loss of income.
For instance, I absolutely detest when people assume without talking to me much that I am some dumb foreign chick, fresh from the boat, poor and uneducated, sooo happy to do ANYTHING for whatever money I’m given.
If I sense such attitude, I’d rather not continue. It will not be good. I can be very cutting and unkind. I can say things that will stay with you for the years to come (yes, being blunt in describing one’s assets is a two-way street, gentlemen 🙂
Truth is, while making a booking, neither side bestows a favor on the other, but, rather, it’s a business transaction: person A has an “itch” he needs scratched and person B is willing to avail her/his body and mind to scratch that “itch” in exchange for an agreed upon compensation.

Yes, there are plenty of WGs out there who act like they are granting this huge favour to the punter by allowing him to have sex with them. Unacceptable! I do not condone that kind of behavior.
Once you’ve made a decision to offer your most intimate self to another for a time for profit, don’t loose perspective. It is now your job (whether full or part time) and the minute it starts to be all too much, it’s time to leave the industry.

Guys, you pay to spend some time in a company of a lady (or a gent,as case may be) and partake in her/his delights. You looked through hundreds of profiles and picked the one that suits. Don’t act like you’re the greatest gift she would ever receive,please. She didn’t force you to pick up the phone and dial the number: that was your choice and yours alone. Treat her with respect.

I am not at all against honest reviews. They help all of us improve our game and actually lessen the competition,as “bad apples” inevitably leave the business, as they have no clients.
But think it through before you post especially hurtful comments, try to be kind: could the same thing be said in a milder, less blunt/offensive way, perhaps? Consider how you would feel if someone said something similar to you.
Most importantly, please keep in mind that most of us are in this line of work because we CHOSE it consciously and we enjoy it. We strive to succeed and give you the best experience possible.
But we have to make serious risk assessment decisions daily due to the very nature of the service we provide-that’s how we stay unhurt and alive in this business.

Everyone should have Paris (one of my marriage proposals) (By Yana)

It’s true. Regardless of how you feel about it, one must experience “The City Of Love” at least once.

When I worked as a stripper in Las Vegas, one of my friends was absolutely obsessed with Paris. American herself, she spent few months there and absolutely fell in love. When she lived in Paris, she was poor and lived in a shabby little flat, yet she could talk for hours of little cafes Paris is so famous for, museums,architecture.
Her dream was to get married in Paris (if and when she found a suitable husband).

As prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, those girls who wished  to ply the trade had to be creative in identifying legitimate clients. Often times guys approached us in strip clubs with requests for “private time” in their hotel rooms.
We had to be super careful, though, as those guys could be cops (undercover stings in Vegas strip clubs were only too popular).
The most delicate part was discussing the amount of compensation for companionship, as having sex is not against the law and we were free to shag any and all strip club clients outside of the club to our heart’s content… For free. Illegal part was exchanging money for sex.
I’ve talked before about my system of ambiguous double-talk, when in response to client’s request to join him in his hotel room I stipulated that there would be a “token of appreciation” involved. Smart guys caught on straight away and really slow ones were not worth bothering with,as they could potentially cause more trouble with their ignorance.

One Sunday afternoon I was working at Olympic Gardens (one of the bigger and more popular of Vegas’ strip clubs). Sundays were usually pretty slow for business, but it also meant there were not too many girls on.
I always liked to work on Sundays: often times really nice guys stopped by and I’ve met some of my best clients on those days, as it was fairly quiet and we could actually have a nice conversation.
Glenn wasn’t the exception. He was a well-mannered English businessman, smartly dressed and smelling subtly of an expensive after shave.
We started talking, he bought a dance or two… Inevitably, conversation went around going back to his hotel room.
That’s when we hit the snag.
Apparently, Glenn was one of those guys who are adamant about NOT paying for sex. Buying a few dances was all good and well, but he was under the impression that he could get sex for free anytime from anyone if he applied enough charm…
He was, in fact, charming-no question about that. And very nice. But providing companionship is what I do for a living and that was not about to change.
I found his position funny,as a matter of fact, as it would be akin to me going into a shop and being very,VERY nice to a shopkeeper with expectations of free goods/services.
I gently reminded Glenn that we were in a strip club, after all, NOT at a social function. I was there to earn a living. His charm and witty mind, as attractive and entertaining as they might be, were not going to pay my mortgage.
We went like that, back and forth, for a while… Glenn wasn’t giving up (he admitted later he really liked me and was determined to get to know me better).
In the end, we’ve made a compromise: he did agree to pay, but I gave him a substantial discount-instead of my usual $500, I was only going to charge him $300.
As we made our way to his hotel in my car, he kept bringing up the fact that this was the first time ever he had to pay to get laid.. Well, I said, you know what they say: there is a first time for everything..LOL..
Glenn was in US on a week-long business trip from England (he owned a very successful business).
We did end up getting to know each other quite well.
He took me on a trip to LA and helped me set up my nail business (purchased some supplies and equipment).
He told me that he was in a long-term relationship (not married), but felt stifled and restless (variation of mid-life crisis). His girlfriend worked with him in a small town in England, thus making it hard for him to stray.
We stayed in touch via email and phone calls after Glenn’s return to England. It was all very casual and matter-of-fact.

In the meantime, my Paris-loving girlfriend met her husband-to-be! It was all very sudden and unexpected and the next thing I knew she flew to Seattle to spend a few weeks with him and he proposed.The wedding was to be in Paris in May.
As I was telling Glenn about it, he saw that as a perfect opportunity for us to see each other.
He bought me a plane ticket and I was to fly to London, spend a couple of days there with him, then both of us were going to make our way to Paris, attend the wedding, enjoy France for a few days, then back home.
That trip was absolutely fantastic!
As I’ve mentioned before, Glenn was well-to-do. Although he lived in the country, he spent quite a bit of time in London, so he got himself a membership in a private club (members and their guests ONLY, very strictly enforced) where there was hotel-type accommodation available for short stays.
That’s where Glenn and I stayed during my visit.
The place was famous: during the WWII  Russian double-spy Andrew Blunt used to live there (back then it was just a block of flats). It had claw-feet tubs, ornate ceilings, beautiful silk-upholstered furniture,etc

I adore theater, so Glenn took my to The National to see “Private Lives”.
We went sightseeing (I’ve never been to London before) and shopping at Harrod’s.

The next day we caught Eurostar Express from Waterloo to Paris.
Premium First class-Glenn  only wanted the best. He booked a room at The Ritz for us in Paris.
What an amazing few days!

My friend (bride-to-be) came over to get dressed for her wedding in our room,as her and her fiancee were staying in a small hotel with no room service. Ritz staff was so attentive: they brought up endless cups of tea and steamed her dress.
The night before, Glenn “closed” the hotel’s Hemingway bar (meaning he paid enough money for staff not to let anyone but our party in) and we had a great combination bachelor/bachelorette party. Champagne just kept on coming :).
My friend was so happy and pleased-she never expected anything like that.
The ceremony was to be on the bank of Seine river and the weather was perfect for it.
When my friend exited the hotel, all dressed up, on Glenn’s arm (he was to give her away) many onlookers were taking photos of her exit-Ritz Paris is known to be a favorite hotel for many celebrities, so people generally just stand in the square in front of it, taking photos of anyone they THINK might be famous…LOL..

After the ceremony we all took a boat ride and had a lovely dinner.
It was a very small wedding (only 7 people, including the Minister, who was a friend of the bride’s), but very special nonetheless.



Next day Glenn and I spent walking around Paris, taking in the sights. We went through Louvre, of course and gone to Montmartre.


Late at night we were sitting in a bistro, having dinner, when Glenn suddenly asked me to marry him.
It came completely out of the left field-the whole “Paris thing” and being at a wedding must have gotten to him.
I sat there like a deer trapped in headlights. I liked Glenn well enough, but definitely not in that way. And I certainly had no desire to marry him (or anyone else for that matter).
I tried to ease out of  delicate subject by talking about logistics: if we were to get married, I would have to move to London… In the meantime, my parents were going to move to US with me, so I would have to change all those arrangements…
We’ve decided to table the matter and talk about it later…
Thankfully, I went home the next day and it never came up again.
Glenn and I stayed in touch and we saw each other once again, a year later, in Seattle, when my now married friend organised a second wedding for those who couldn’t attend the one in Paris.
Our meeting went allright, but we have drifted apart over year’s time and were just aquiatances to each other at that stage.

I am very grateful to Glenn for giving me my Paris: it was amazing and unforgettable.

P.S. Obviously, I removed Glenn’s face from the photos for discretionary reasons

Unprotected sex and it’s implications (By Yana)

Unprotected sex and it’s implications

As I ventured into private work in Australia this trip, I’ve advertised on one of the more popular websites and participated a great deal in one of the more popular forums…
WOW! Not much surprises me anymore, but I must say: I was blown away and not in a good sense.

But let me start from the very beginning.
First shock came when I started receiving phone calls in responce to my private ad. As I am not a novice in working as a private escort, I’ve made my ad quite informative,describing what is included in the service and listing the prices.
That’s why I was a bit surprised when I started getting phone calls from punters asking me “what extras do I offer” (I was specific in saying that GFE is included in the price in my ad). Turns out, that question is a code for “Do you do natural oral (uncovered blow jobs)”.
Unprotected sex (both oral and full) is illegal in Victoria, so I was taken aback by the number of requests and bluntness of them.
That’s when I started taking a closer look at various forum posts.
Turns out the reason most  private WGs in Australia charge between $500 and $700 an hour for their services is that BBBJ (bare back blow job) is included in the price. Although an illegal practice, this is openly discussed on the forums and a lot of girls not only admit to doing it, but advertise it!
Well, I was only charging $250/hr, so assumption was that guys will get the hint. Oh,no! Not at all. What they thought instead was that I am some dumb foreign chick, fresh from the boat, who gives it away!
I realised that I’ve lived somewhat sheltered life for almost 2 years, working for the parlours only (in Australia),as BBBJ requests are not all that frequent or common in the establishments.
Which brings me to the second shock. I’ve been hearing about this one parlour where BBBJ was on offer on a regular basis,according to rumours.
I am not the one to believe any hearsay-I like to find things out for myself, if at all possible. So I went to do a shift in that place.
Yip, all the rumours are true (sadly). I couldn’t believe that guys would ask for uncovered BJs and FS right there in the intro room in plain view/hearing range of the receptionist.
Health-risk aware clients come there, too-I had 5 bookings total in 2 days with gentlemen who neither asked for, nor expected uncovered services. But mostly it’s the place guys go to for one reason and one reason alone: BBBJ and in case of some WGs, fully unprotected sex.
To illustrate my point, please allow me to copy and paste a review done on one of the workers in that parlour recently. This was posted on an open Forum, for the whole world to see, with names of the establishment and the worker clearly spelled out, so I am not breaching any confidences.

Jane’s profile:

  • Service Provider’s Name:Jane
  • Session Month:August
  • Session Year:2012
  • Type of Service:Parlour Worker
  • Name of Agency or Parlour (if any):The Main Course
  • Advertised Hourly Rate (Pick closest):$225
  • Location where session took place:Victoria
  • Session Day:Weekday
  • Session Time:After Midnight
  • Estimated Age:Over 40
  • Estimated Ethnic Group:Caucasian / European Origin
  • Hair Colour:Blond
  • Hair Length:Medium
  • Eyes Colour:Blue
  • Skin Colour:Olive
  • Height:Average – Around 165 cm / 5’5″
  • Body Shape:Slim
  • Estimated Body Size:6 to 8
  • Estimated Breast Size:C to D (Medium to Big)
  • Kissing Available:Yes, DFK (Deep French Kissing)
  • Blow job:Yes, BBBJ and CIM (Cum In Mouth)
  • DATY / Oral On Her:Yes
  • Greek or Anal Sex Available:Yes
  • Overall Looks:Pretty
  • Overall Personality:Lovely
  • Overall Performance:Great service

Punters comments:

On impulse I visited TMC after midnight after reading reviews of Jane. As it turns out its the same Jane I’d visited years ago at another parlour. I thought about getting introduced to the other girls but Jane began to give me an early showing of what she can do, so I chose her

We went upstairs and she proceeded to DFK before going back downstairs to get ready. Once she came back up we got down to business. She has amazing nipples and she is very passionate. She gave me an excellent BBBJ. However I think I chose to come in when my mind was saying yes but my tired body was saying no, as the sex didn’t last long before she continued a BBBJ finishing with CIM.
She has wonderful service and personality it just wasn’t the right night for me. Still highly recommended and I can’t wait to go in when I have the energy to get some greek from her

Here’s some background: Jane has been working in Melbourne in various parlours for decades. She has done the same “consistent” service for the same amount of time (testimony to which are many,MANY reviews and comments on Australian forums).
I want you to understand the situation fully.
In Australia, the way “protocol” in parlours works is such:
Gentleman comes in and is shown to a (semi) private room. Girls enter one by one, introducing themselves and describing their services.
Client goes to reception,names the girl he wants to stay with and pays. The girl is summoned to the front, she takes the guy into the room where she performs “health check”- she inspects client’s penis for visible signs of STD’s.
If everything looks good, WG leaves the room and the guy jumps in the shower.
Girl uses that time to gargle her mouth, freshen up,etc. She gets back into the room (ideally when the client just finished with the shower) and that’s when the booking (time) starts.
Often times, when WGs are at the end of their booking and they hear the doorbell (which means new customer just came in),they rush to walk their current customer out of the door in order to do the new intro (which means they don’t take time to shower or freshen  themselves up).
I know this because my GF is a parlour receptionist and she’s told me of a few instances when  clients made comments (i.e. they observed the girl they just finished with getting dressed without taking a shower and realised that, quite possibly, the same thing happened before she went into the room with THEM).
Personally, I NEED my nice long hot shower (preferably with movable shower hand to wash off all the important bits properly) after each booking. I use PH balanced soap I bring to the parlours with me as well to avoid excessive drying of the skin,as I use a lot of soap.
Some WGs are really after the money, though, and they can’t be bothered.
So based on the information above and reading the review (and many reviews about the same WG) carefully, here’s a very plausible scenario:
Jane just finished another booking where she let the client perform anal on her (uncovered), then went straight into BBBJ (uncovered oral) and CIM (he came in her mouth uncovered and she swallowed the semen). She then heard door bell, finished the booking and went straight into the “into” room. This guy books her and goes right into DFK (deep French kissing) BEFORE she had a chance to go back downstairs and gargle/freshen up… You get the picture, don’t you?
Why on Earth someone would think that was a great deal is beyond me. Why someone would expose himself and risk his health in such reckless manner is beyond me.
Before anyone puts forward a tired old argument re. so-called “double standard”-i.e. WGs allowing unprotected oral performed on THEM, let me point out some facts.
-I’ve spoken to my GP about unprotected oral (female/female, as I am a lesbian) and she told me that the chances of contracting STD that way was less than 1%
-Generally, WGs (the ones I know) are professionals: they get tested monthly AND do  visual checks daily. Also, they will not allow just any client to perform cunnilingus on them, definitely not the ones that have cold sores on their lips or any other signs of being unwell.
-Men, on the other hand, seem to ignore any and all abnormal signs (even if they literally “stare them in the face”), would lie about their symptoms and refuse to see a doctor. Just the other day a friend (male) told me a story about a “scare”: a woman several of them guys had unprotected sex with was diagnosed with STD. My friend rushed to the doctor and did so again every month for 6 months, while his friend (who partook from the same offering) refused to get tested even once, all the while continuing having unprotected sex with his girlfriend (and who knows how many other women).

When guys have unprotected sex (oral or full) with a pro, the odds are stacked against them (and the girl). It’s a numbers game.
An average WG sees anywhere between 3-8 guys daily (some ,like CrystalHotBabe in Melbourne see up to 12-14 by their own admission on the forum-I don’t think that leaves much time for showering/gargling).
If she said “Yes” to you re. BBBJ, she probably said “Yes” to all those other guys. A fair number of them came in her mouth on that day as well. So you are now sticking your “thingie” into a petri dish that has all the bacteria/germs not only from the girl, but from all those other punters AND their sex partners (and if they frequent WGs who offer BBBJ, multiply that number by 100).
Aren’t you afraid your thingie is going to fall off??? Seriously.

My GF told me about one of her male gay friends. He is not a sex worker (and has never been). He is just a young guy who’s idea of good time is going to clubs and having unprotected sex with random guys.
He thinks it’s great and he is living it up! Since he got his IPAD (technology is great!) he has been putting his doctor’s appointments in it-so easy with reminders and all. So my GF took a look at the IPAD and went through several month’s worth of history. Her friend had some sort of STI EVERY TWO WEEKS!! That’s a sobering thought.

I was in correspondence with one of the prominent punters (he is active on both  in NZ and Australia forums) a few months ago. We had somewhat of a mild argument on the subject. I’ve made a prediction. Here it is:
The history repeats itself. Often times we forget the history, but it doesn’t go away. If you look decades and centuries back, the pattern is clear: every time people get reckless with “good times” (i.e. indiscriminate unprotected sex with multiple partners), decease strikes. Major decease, one that wipes out thousands and spreads like wild fire.
In a few year’s time (two or three) there will will be wide spread of various STIs. No one would feel safe. Everyone would be scared. And girls like myself, who consistently refused to give into the “trend” (unprotected sex), will be able to charge premium rates for their services. I am not saying this to make myself into some kind of saint.
I just have enough common sense, clear head and realistic view of the “big picture” at all times and in a short time ahead it would prove to be the smartest business investment I’ve ever made.

Got myself a BLONDE!

In my other life HR was always a part of my job in some shape or form, one year I even  managed a national personnel company we delivered recruitment and career services to organisations and individuals. We did three things when recruiting:

SourcingRecruited new staff from within local communities, education and training establishments, referral programmes and off-site recruitment drives and of course the more traditional recruitment techniques… Can’t see me being allowed into Unitec to advise ladies of the merits of the adult industry.
SelectionAs a specialist recruiter, developed expertise in matching skills, attitude and cultural requirements of clients and candidates to ensure best fit, productivity and reliability.
This I use all the time in the adult industry. I call it Phiona’s Gut Instinct or “The Recruitment Fairy”
ComplianceEnsuring that recruitment services complied with our stringent selection processes, as well as with all legislative requirements. Ensured that all references were taken, licences and qualifications validated, criminal background checks performed, Health and Safety inductions were complete and appropriate documentation was stored on file.
Some of this is still relevant, criminal background checks/references… not so much

So as you can see recruitment is one of the hardest jobs in the Adult industry let me share with you some of the experiences I have had in the past 3 months.

  • Young lady comes to see me with missing front teeth and I quote
    “ It doesn’t look great – but I suck like a vacuum cleaner” You stay classy honey.
  • Lady had made an appointment to see me, she arrived 45 mins late wearing slippers and smelling like an old ashtray.
  • “Yes I’m a size 8 to 10.” she was a size 16 or I AM THE POPE!
  • ”I would love to do this work” a girl last week told me ”but I don’t do blow jobs because I can’t stand the sight of a penis “”
  • Was sent a photo of a stunning lady without her face, great body. She got here and was so drunk she couldn’t stand straight, her face was 55 if she was a day

 Now by this stage I was losing faith in finding the right girl when I got a text message from a girl wanting to work for Paradise. I prepared for the worst. One text, one phone call and my faith has been restored! I met Holly and Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh there is a recruitment fairy! Amirite?

I asked for a young, petite blue-eyed blonde with a stunning personality and got a gorgeous size 6 sweetheart who is brand new to the industry. So moral of this story is recruitment in this industry is one of the hardest things, you have to go through a lot of frogs to find a paradise princess.

Another day in Paradise.

“Sex is natural, sex is good
Not everybody does it, but everybody should”
 – George Michael

Admittedly not the best person to quote when it comes to discreet sexual activity, but it’s a pretty catchy song. I never actually thought that I’d be a blog person or that my life would take the direction that it actually has but it would be a shame not to put it down into some written form for you all to enjoy.

I had considered being a policewoman, a counsellor, following in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie and adopting exotic children or becoming a business consultant. I got most of those wishes. Be careful what you wish for!

As I look around my business today and find myself surrounded by cast-off shoes, find mismatched stockings in the laundry, a thousand and one beauty products on every available surface and a dishwasher filled with sterilised dildoes – I’ve never been happier!
Chasing around after girls is hard work, but it’s very rewarding (in the form of male strippers at the work Xmas function – story for another time perhaps?).

Amazing how quickly it becomes normal to answer the work cellphone when standing in line at the supermarket and describing the exact dynamics of a Male/Female/Female tryst complete with strap-on, costumes and sex furniture. “Yes that does include multi-shots you can cum as many times as you like – but anal play does incur an extra fee” and I wonder why the checkout girl is trying to hurry me through without making eye contact 🙂
Or having to describe the shape and size of a woman’s nipples, are they sensitive, pink or light brown, large areola, soft or firm? If I tell you that I’m in public and it’s 7am, please ask Yes or No questions such as this gem: “Does she like having her pussy sucked on the inside?”. I will answer as best I can. (Yes, I actually did just get asked that).

I’ve learnt a lot from this industry – when I have sex now I make sure it’s bloody good!
Got to practice what I preach.

Tune in next time for another glance into this Madame’s Little Black Book.


Things we never talk about (Marina)

We all have things we keep to ourselves: whether good,bad, embarrassing or simply “too far out”, for various reasons we find them hard (or impossible) to talk about.
It could be something as simple as fetish (I have one I’ve never told ANYONE about,for instance) or sexual fantasy or as serious as crime committed in the past or transgression that could possibly ruin one’s career,relationship or social standing.
These secrets are locked deep within us and often times we are convinced we’ve even thrown away the key and whatever it is will never come out.
Trouble with keeping  things bottled up is that they want to come out. They keep on slow burning, bubbling,eating,corroding you from inside.
It is my firm belief that one of my friends died because she’s never let something inside her out.

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