Kicked out of motel

So the manager/owner of the motel where I’m staying (and working) for 2 days has called my room and asked me to leave tomorrow.. He clearly is afraid of confrontation,as he called (vs. knocking on my door and speaking to me face-to-face) and started by asking if I needed a service (as in room cleaning). When I politely declined, he said that he would like me to leave tomorrow (I was originally planning to stay 3 nights, so it only cuts out 1 night). He went on saying that this is a “family” motel (whatever THAT means) and they don’t permit working girls staying here…
Let’s ponder this for a minute..
First of all, prostitution is decriminalised in New Zealand, which means I’m not doing anything illegal.

I am very quiet while conducting my business (and when I am relaxing).
I don’t play loud music,don’t smoke or do drugs.
I don’t hang outside of my room in my “working” attire-in fact, every time I go out, I dress pretty demurely.
My clients are the types that like discretion, so they try to sneak in and out with as little fuss as possible,making no noise.
I schedule my bookings very carefully, so there is never any kind of “overlap” which means no one ever loiters on the premises waiting for his appointment.
I only see clients during the day (I don’t work past 8 pm), so no one comes and goes at night (I am usually tucked in bed snugly by 10pm).
So all this blows the whole “family” thing out of the water-how are “families” affected by my business?
Another thing that puzzles me: New Zealand prides itself in being open-minded (and most people I’ve met, actually ARE open-minded), yet in this time of economic crunch, felt by everyone and definitely motel owners in small towns like the one I’m in at the moment), people choose to ride their high moral horse and reject my Platinum Visa.
The motel I’m staying in only has 3 cars (including mine) in the parking lot (and that’s in the middle of peak public holiday season), yet the owner forgoes the profit for dubious “righteousness”… This just blows me away, as it makes no sense at all.
I have to say, I was wondering about that owner when I checked in yesterday: I walked into reception asking for rates and when I found them satisfactory, I told him I wanted to book a room for 3 nights, yet instead of running my credit card,as all the hotels/motels do, he said he would write down the number and charge me at the end. This is highly irregular and I wonder if he perhaps a lurker on New Zealand Girls (’s/ largest online advertising medium for sex workers) or Adult Forum (– (  -NZ’s largest online forum for working girls and clients). As I show my face in my ads and my website (, he might have recognised me or thought I looked familiar and didn’t charge my card to avoid issuing a refund.

Personally, I am all about “bottom line”, especially in these tough economic times: if there is money to be made, than, by God, one has to jump on the opportunity. Yes, within reason,of course, but I’ve described my behaviour above and I simply don’t see any reason for motels/hotels to not want my business.
Luckily, one of my clients today told me of “WL’s friendly” motel just across the street, so I am going to check in there.
In fact, now that I think about it, I might leave tonight and ask for partual credit, as the owner told me to leave tomorrow (clearly, he wants his cake and wants to eat it,too: he wants to charge me for the full night), but I will miss out on my “early riser” trade if I do that.
This has only happenned to me once before, in New Zealand in a small town called Whanganui. Pretty much the same situation where the owner decided to be self-righteous (but not before he let me stay for 2 nights that I’ve paid for in order to keep all the money), although my car was the ONLY one in the parking lot! He kept carrying on about the place being “family” when he told me truckers often stopped in there for the night when I checked in (but, I guess,consistency is not so important when you’re on righteous streak..LOL..)
In contrast, when I was working in New Plymouth for 4 days, not only the owner happily and eagerly extended my stay for 2 nights when I requested it, he solicitously asked me if I needed extra towels and clearly instructed the maid not to bother me,as she knocked on the door carefully and often tried to clean the room early, when I went out for coffee. That owner was Chinese, by the way. Not that I’m trying to make generalisations, just stating the facts 🙂
On one of the forums I participate I was once challenged by someone defending his home-town,telling me that what I perceive as “small-mindedness” is, actually “small-walletedness” <sic>. He was saying that people in that town don’t have much money and I simply mistook that for something else… Well, in light of what I’ve described here, I beg to differ!