Another day in Paradise.

“Sex is natural, sex is good
Not everybody does it, but everybody should”
 – George Michael

Admittedly not the best person to quote when it comes to discreet sexual activity, but it’s a pretty catchy song. I never actually thought that I’d be a blog person or that my life would take the direction that it actually has but it would be a shame not to put it down into some written form for you all to enjoy.

I had considered being a policewoman, a counsellor, following in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie and adopting exotic children or becoming a business consultant. I got most of those wishes. Be careful what you wish for!

As I look around my business today and find myself surrounded by cast-off shoes, find mismatched stockings in the laundry, a thousand and one beauty products on every available surface and a dishwasher filled with sterilised dildoes – I’ve never been happier!
Chasing around after girls is hard work, but it’s very rewarding (in the form of male strippers at the work Xmas function – story for another time perhaps?).

Amazing how quickly it becomes normal to answer the work cellphone when standing in line at the supermarket and describing the exact dynamics of a Male/Female/Female tryst complete with strap-on, costumes and sex furniture. “Yes that does include multi-shots you can cum as many times as you like – but anal play does incur an extra fee” and I wonder why the checkout girl is trying to hurry me through without making eye contact 🙂
Or having to describe the shape and size of a woman’s nipples, are they sensitive, pink or light brown, large areola, soft or firm? If I tell you that I’m in public and it’s 7am, please ask Yes or No questions such as this gem: “Does she like having her pussy sucked on the inside?”. I will answer as best I can. (Yes, I actually did just get asked that).

I’ve learnt a lot from this industry – when I have sex now I make sure it’s bloody good!
Got to practice what I preach.

Tune in next time for another glance into this Madame’s Little Black Book.