Got myself a BLONDE!

In my other life HR was always a part of my job in some shape or form, one year I even  managed a national personnel company we delivered recruitment and career services to organisations and individuals. We did three things when recruiting:

SourcingRecruited new staff from within local communities, education and training establishments, referral programmes and off-site recruitment drives and of course the more traditional recruitment techniques… Can’t see me being allowed into Unitec to advise ladies of the merits of the adult industry.
SelectionAs a specialist recruiter, developed expertise in matching skills, attitude and cultural requirements of clients and candidates to ensure best fit, productivity and reliability.
This I use all the time in the adult industry. I call it Phiona’s Gut Instinct or “The Recruitment Fairy”
ComplianceEnsuring that recruitment services complied with our stringent selection processes, as well as with all legislative requirements. Ensured that all references were taken, licences and qualifications validated, criminal background checks performed, Health and Safety inductions were complete and appropriate documentation was stored on file.
Some of this is still relevant, criminal background checks/references… not so much

So as you can see recruitment is one of the hardest jobs in the Adult industry let me share with you some of the experiences I have had in the past 3 months.

  • Young lady comes to see me with missing front teeth and I quote
    “ It doesn’t look great – but I suck like a vacuum cleaner” You stay classy honey.
  • Lady had made an appointment to see me, she arrived 45 mins late wearing slippers and smelling like an old ashtray.
  • “Yes I’m a size 8 to 10.” she was a size 16 or I AM THE POPE!
  • ”I would love to do this work” a girl last week told me ”but I don’t do blow jobs because I can’t stand the sight of a penis “”
  • Was sent a photo of a stunning lady without her face, great body. She got here and was so drunk she couldn’t stand straight, her face was 55 if she was a day

 Now by this stage I was losing faith in finding the right girl when I got a text message from a girl wanting to work for Paradise. I prepared for the worst. One text, one phone call and my faith has been restored! I met Holly and Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh there is a recruitment fairy! Amirite?

I asked for a young, petite blue-eyed blonde with a stunning personality and got a gorgeous size 6 sweetheart who is brand new to the industry. So moral of this story is recruitment in this industry is one of the hardest things, you have to go through a lot of frogs to find a paradise princess.