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This is the blog of a professional courtesan and escort who has been plying her trade in the sex industry for over 2 decades in 4 different countries where prostitution was legal and illegal and who happens to be a lesbian so my life is interesting as you can imagine ! Find Yana on New Zealand Girls http://www.newzealandgirls.co.nz/17073

What is a “courtesan”

If you really look into exact definition, in the old days ladies who became single (widowed) would move together into a house and occasionally throw parties for gentlemen’s pleasure. They were not prostitutes-just someone to have “good time” with…

Over time,the meaning has evolved. “Courtesan” these days is someone who fine-tunes the oldest profession and provides services that go above and beyond of those of regular prostitute.

Courtesans take meticulous care of themselves: they stay in shape,do their hair,nails,toes. They dress with care and alluringly (not to be confused with trashy). They are often very well educated (I myself have a dual Master’s and I know of other Ladies who hold Doctorate degrees), so they can hold an intelligent conversation on variety of topics. They readily familiar with fine dining and etiquette.

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How it all started

I was 17.. I know,shocking. But it is what it is.

My dream was to be a stewardess (or,more politically correct,flight attendant). Back then in Russia (my country of origin) the screening process for Aeroflot was held about once every 2 months at the Regional Aeroflot Headquarters. I was just 17 (required age was 18),but I didn’t tell interview panel that. I passed the “look-see” and “Q&A” stage and next was medical,which was really most important of them all: if you failed that, no amount of good looks or education would get you the job.

I passed the medical and was able to sweet talk HR person into accepting me,as my 18th birthday was just a few month away. I was so thrilled!

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Beauty vs. sex appeal

It is a very common misconception that in my industry (strippers,working girls) you have to be beautiful,thin,tall,busty to make lots of $$$$. WRONG!

Sex appeal is something intangible-it can’t be described, it can’t be taught, I don’t even think it can be acquired. You either posses it or you don’t. And it has very little to do with physical beauty.

For years I worked in one of the oldest and biggest strip clubs in Las Vegas-Olympic Gardens. The place was open 24/7. It was (and probably still is) owned by Pete The Greek,who later went on to open Sapphire.

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Do I regret becoming a working girl?

The short answer is “no”, not at all. Probably because I didn’t go into it for the wrong reasons-I’ve never done any drugs, so didn’t have to support a drug habit, I was never an alcoholic, I didn’t need the money to support a boyfriend,etc,etc.
I went into it for the money and I always treated it as a job and approached it professionally. It was and still is the only job out there that is does not require a big start-up costs or set-up and provides instant CASH income that greatly exceeds your average salary.
Fact is,although I posses no unique talents, I’ve always had a knack for generating income and quickly adapt and learn new skills. Ever since I was very young, I knew this was one of the ways to support myself and be independent. And I’ve always wanted to be independent.

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Being a Working Girl in Soviet Russia

It was a tricky business,that’s for sure. Russian Communist Government claimed that “prostitution does not exist in Russia”. Pretty bold statement, when you consider the fact that it IS, in fact, the world’s oldest profession and the one that survived wars,famine,draught,floods and rise and fall of whole empires.
Working Girls came in 2 categories: those who did it from time to time,locally and within a small circle of clients and “interdevochki” translates loosely as “international girls”.
Interdevochki were seasoned pros, who all knew each other and  worked out of the bars of the “Intourist” hotels-hotels specifically designated by Russian government for foreign tourist’s stay. Those hotels were a lot better than average, un-inaccessible to Russian travelers and accepted foreign currency only as payment.
Being in possession of foreign currency by average Russian citizen was a crime in itself, unless one could prove that it was obtained  legitimately: for instance, my father was a Chief Coach for Soviet Yachting Team and traveled abroad regularly. He routinely brought back foreign money.
The only currency trading shops were located inside “Intourist” hotels and if an average Joe attempted to trade in there, police would be called and he would be extensively questioned and, quite possibly, imprisoned.

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Is prostitution legal in Las Vegas?

Contrary to the popular believe-NO. It is a felony offence,punishable by fines and jail term.
If the girl caught and charged with solicitation of prostitution 3 times, she is banned from the Strip.
It is not as simple as it sounds, as “banned” means not allowed to be on the Strip (Las Vegas Blvd) or within half a mile vicinity of it for ANY purpose whatsoever.
As there are a lot of shops,restaurants and even a church on the Strip and one simply needs to cross it in order to travel through town, this ban will effectively lock the girl out of Las Vegas (unless she wants to hang out in suburbs), which is what the purpose of it is.
Prostitution is alive and well, however and is a thriving business in Las Vegas. There are about 120 pages of various “escorts” listed in the phone book-about as many as there are lawyers.
When you call those numbers, you will be informed that the “escort” is for companionship and lap dancing only. If you imply sex for money, they will tell that it is “illegal”.
The fee quoted (usually about $120) only covers the girl showing up. ALL of it goes to the agency. The girl negotiates with the client fees for services on her own, assuming all the risks. So what looks like $120 deal to a punter soon becomes about $300-$3000 deal and anything in between.
This causes problems sometimes, as clients don’t understand how it works and become upset.
Once,when I worked for outcall escort agency, I was directed to a room in Bally’s hotel. In there I found a young man from my agency and a client. Apparently, client wanted to cross dress and be with a man ( for the first time,he claimed) and also wanted to have sex with me and watch myself and the other male escort have sex as well.
We collected $120 a piece for us turning up (so the client was out of pocket $240 so far) and proceeded to negotiate the price. We wanted $400 each on the top of the agency fee (of which, I remind you,we were getting nothing).
I think client was a bit stoned as well, as he just didn’t seem to get the concept. He proceeded to dress into a lacy thong and a bra and topped it off with a pair of white patent leather thigh-high boots with 10″ heels.
Then he wanted some “action”.
Again, we told him we need the $$$ first. He went belligerent. Male escort and I fled the room with the client chasing us half way down the elevator (in the above described getup), until he gave up and just threw one of his boots after us.
A lot of men (even those from US) do not understand that prostitution is not legal in Vegas. After all, it is the “Sin City”.
From time to time vice squad sets up traps to catch men soliciting (usually on the streets with decoys pretending to be street walkers). It is a $1000 fine and the arrest and conviction goes on your record (very embarrassing).
Vice routinely sets up operations to catch the girls. They go into clubs and pretend to be paying customers, they go into hotels and ring for escorts..
There is no entrapment law in Las Vegas-it means that if you ask the guy directly “Are you a police officer” he can say “No” and still arrest you later. Vice guys are also allowed to drink alcohol during sting operations to make it look “authentic”.
All this makes it very stressful for the girl, as you constantly have to judge the situation not only for “regular” dangers that come with the job, but for potential vice trap as well.
It’s a tricky business, as prostitution by definition is “sex in exchange for money”, which means that if you just want to go with the customer from the club to his hotel room and fuck him for free, no charge can be laid against you (except,maybe, a “stupid slut”, but that’s not a punishable offence 🙂
So if a club client would express interest in “something more”, I would play semantics with him, saying that it will “involve a token of appreciation” instead of just quoting the price. Most punters got it and everything would be sorted, however I avoided those who stubbornly insisted on talking about money- I just didn’t want to take any risks.
I did get arrested once. It was an outcall from an agency into an off-Strip hotel. The place was newly build, but definitely second-rate.
I should have known something was up when the guy asked me if I wanted something to drink and when I replied “Water,please”, he poured tepid water from the tap.
We negotiated the deal and I was sitting on his lap,half-naked with him happily sucking on my tits (oh,yeah, vice takes every advantage of the perks of the job). Suddenly, 2 more guys walked in. I knew at that point that it’s probably a trap, but they insisted that they are just “friends” and could they get the same “deal” later. I just said “Whatever” and then they produced their shields and went on with arrest.
They wanted to get me on as many counts as they could-thus 3 of them (3 counts of solicitation of prostitution). They also searched through my bag and even ripped off the lining looking for drugs (that would be a nice bonus for them).
I calmly explained to them that I don’t do drugs and their search is in vain.
They were quite surprised at my composure, saying that normally girls started crying and begging to be let go, to which I replied that I am an adult and well aware of possible consequences of my chosen profession. I asked them “If I cry and beg, would you let me go?” They said “No”. “So what’s the point of wasting all that energy?”. We actually ended up having a nice chat: they even showed me their surveillance equipment in the next room and didn’t handcuff me when they escorted me out of hotel into their car.
I had to spend the night in a crowded cell in Clark County Detention Center with benches lining the walls, toilet right smack in the middle of it and another half a dozen women. It stank (literally).
I’ve met some interesting women in there,though. One was this regal looking black woman who attended the Presidential Inauguration in the year past. She was brought in for “assault”-she had a heated argument with another woman in a parking lot of a grocery store that ended in a fistfight.
Another was scared looking young girl who amassed over $1200 in parking tickets and couldn’t pay them because she didn’t have a job. Ironically, this was her first week on a very plum job as a blackjack dealer at New York New York hotel. She was pulled over in the parking lot for speeding over allocated 20m/h as she didn’t want to be late for work.Of course,they immediately saw all the outstanding unpaid tickets on their computer. She probably lost the job.
The whole incident cost me about $1800 for a lawyer/fines and another $800 5 years later to “seal” the record of arrest.

Sometimes things turned just plain funny. Like when I was dancing as a stripper in Olympic Gardens and this guy walked in at about 3 in the afternoon.
Club wasn’t at all busy and I approached him and asked if he wants a dance. He immediately agreed, to my delight (no small talk and time wasting).
I sat him down in a booth and started a lap dance when the next song started. Imagine my surprise when I sat on his lap to do “the grind” (with my back towards him) and realised that he unzipped his pants and had his dick out! (that was about 30 seconds into the song).
“What the hell are you doing”??! I asked. He seemed genuinely puzzled. “I want to have sex”..pause…
I had to explain to him that’s it’s illegal, and,anyway,in the middle of a strip club is hardly the place. Not to mention $20 REALLY wouldn’t cover it.
He suggested we immediately go to his hotel..
I was laughing so hard, tears were coming down from my eyes. Turns out,he really thought that he could  just pop into a club in Las Vegas for a “quickie” or go in and select a girl for his pleasure and take her with him (kind of like a grocery store)!
He was quite shocked at the prices as well.
Prostitution IS LEGAL in Nye County-about 45 min drive from Las Vegas in a little town called Pahramp.
That’s where world’s famous “Chicken Ranch” and “Sherry’s Ranch” brothels are. There are few more a little further down towards Reno.
I worked in there as well, but that’s a whole other story 🙂

Punters’ funny (and not so funny) quirks.

There are things clients do that us,working girls absolutely cannot understand and are very annoying. The list is endless, but let’s talk about most common ones 🙂

-Touching girl’s hair. I have no idea why guys feel the need to do this, but about 80% of clients try at some point during the booking touch WL’s hair. I know long hair is sexy, BUT I always pull  mine back before doing a blow job,as it gets in the way AND punters will actually try to move it to SEE you blowing them. So why do they keep touching it?
Because of this I was never able to wear wigs for this work (I wore them all the time when I worked in restaurants)-inevitably the wig got shifted/pulled off.
The reason we don’t like the whole “hair touching” routine is because often times punters want to do this in the middle of the booking, when their hands are sticky with lube and other staff.. And, NO, we don’t wash/blow dry/style our hair after every booking.

-Trying to stick their fingers as far up girl’s pussy as they can. Who do you think you are-Christopher Columbus?? What are you trying to discover in there?? There is no buried treasure, I assure you. In fact,it’s very unpleasant and often painful.

-Asking the girl “What do you like”. We are professionals, we do this for a living, it’s a JOB. Yes, some girls do actually enjoy sex with the clients (but even they give up when doing 3-8 bookings daily). Personally, I never enjoy it,and the possibility of me actually having an orgasm with the client is negligible (me being a lesbian is  part of it).Once I worked in a parlour where there was this really hot gay receptionist-I was absolutely consumed with lust (she had no idea) and was wet and horny pretty much all the time. So when I went into a booking, I was practically half-way to orgasm as it was. STILL, no punter was able to get me off, even under those circumstances when I would close my eyes and have all sorts of naughty/unsavory images involving me and said receptionist floating through my head…
However, we play into client’s fantasy and provide him with what he needs. After all, he came in and paid good money to satisfy his urges/needs. So relax and get your rocks off! Don’t worry about what I like-it’s irrelevant under the circumstances. My reply usually is: “I like $100 bills and puppy dogs. Have you got one of those? It will make me very happy”.

-Slapping girl’s pussy. That MUST come from watching all that porn. It does absolutely nothing for the girl and I can hardly see what the purpose of it is.

-Rubbing girl’s clit directly,vigorously and extensively. Clit is very sensitive. It shouldn’t even be approached directly at first. Putting your rough fingers with ragged edged nails on it and rubbing it hard is EXTREMELY unpleasant! Again, must be all those porn videos.

-Insisting on intercourse when it’s clear they are not hard enough. Personally, I’ve never had any kids and my vagina is quite tight. If the guy is not fully erect, it just won’t happen-he won’t be able to penetrate. Instead we would engage in this fumbling/awkward/embarrassing dance which would’ve been easily avoided if he just let me do my job.

-Trying to move/shift the girls around like a raggedy Ann doll instead of simply asking for certain positions. We are not mind readers-trying to pull on my leg or tap on it tells me absolutely nothing. Besides, me receiving oral is EXTRA and it costs more $$. Articulate your request!

-Not pulling out when orgasmed, but trying to keep on pumping in hopes to get hard again and have a second go without girl noticing. It is dangerous-you are risking yours and girl’s health and life (see my “Attitudes towards condoms” post). Full condom and penis that is not fully erect is a bad combination: condom will slip or burst later. Don’t be a cheap prick-negotiate the “second time” deal and let the girl put fresh condom on.

-Not turning up for appointments and not calling to cancel. Again, this is our job, this is how we make a living-it only takes 30 sec to call or text!

-Lying about bookings/girls requested. This one is my personal “favorite”. I’ll illustrate with an example. Client made a booking with me through the reception on the phone. This particular agency has excellent website with multiple current photos of all the girls, so there is no guessing-you see exactly what you getting before you even set foot in the parlour. Booking was for 3:30pm. 2 other girls were working with me that day. Location:private apartment in Wellington CBD. No one showed up or called. At 4:10pm the doorbell rang. A younger girl opened the door. Client told her he had a booking with her. It was her first day, so she didn’t verify the name and just took him into the room. 2 min later another client showed up and he DID have an appointment for an hour with that young girl-he was just running late. The first guy was already undressed. Girl, being new, was confused and she blurted out to the guy #2 that she has another booking in 45 min.
I had to call the reception (located off-site) and try and make sense of the situation. Then I questioned guy #1.
Turns out, guy #1 was MY 3:30 booking. Not only was he extremely late (40 min), but when Tara opened the door he decided that he wanted her instead. It would have been perfectly fine (we can juggle things pretty good), had he explained that to us. Instead he just went into her room. AND he only wanted 15 min booking! So now guy #2 left in all the confusion/room shifting (1 hour booking lost for Tara) AND he was upset (understandably so), guy #1 didn’t get to be with Tara-we put him with little Chinese girl, so he didn’t get what he wanted,either and neither Tara,nor I or the agency made any money except for lousy $60 from guy #1. All that could be easily avoided with honesty and proper communication.

-Another “favorite” is when the client stands/sits literally half a metre away from you and asks how old you are. What does it matter?? The merchandise is in front of, close enough you can smell it, definitely see all of it. You either like what you see or you don’t. If I say I’m 50 or 20, what difference will it make? When I am shopping, if I like the garment (i.e.colour,fit,shape,etc), I will buy regardless of which year it was manufactured. However, if I don’t like it, the fact that it is very popular designer’s latest collection jem is not going to persuade me to fork over the cash.
Same when they look at your tits,even touch them and still ask if they’re real. What’s the difference-you either like what you see/feel or you don’t. I happen to have breast enhancements, but they were done over 13 years ago,under the muscle by best surgeon in Las Vegas. Even when I point out the scar,one can barely see it and it is located in an unusual place-“hidden in plain sight”, one might say. And,yes, they are “mine”-I didn’t just strap them on!

-Not understanding the concept of “appointment”-a problem unique to New Zealand. Punters here just don’t get it. They ring and ask who’s on, then just turn up whenever and get upset when most of the girls or the one they wanted are booked. Well, hello! What did you expect?? Or they ring and want to come over NOW. When I politely explain to them that I “take appointments” they ask if they can make an appointment for..yes, you guessed it, NOW.. Guys, “appointment” means some day/time in the future. At least 1 hour or more away. NOT 10 min from now.

-Trying to pull condom off when the girl is not watching and have unprotected sex. Certain country produces a lot of guys who seem to engage in this (they are also the ones who like very young girls and the most un-desirable punter for every WL in every country).

-Clients who try to impress WLs with their physique/penis size/sexual stamina/amount of money they make/their overall importance. Look, you’ve paid me whatever amount of dollars-I am sufficiently impressed. We are not on a date. We will not get married and have children together. Focus on your pleasure and don’t waste your energy trying to impress me. Please.
Having said that, I do appreciate clients who want to have an intelligent conversation on variety of subjects (be that politics,history,theater)-I enjoy stimulating my mind and always like to hear other people’s views/opinions.

-Clients who come to clubs/parlours looking for a girlfriend. Mate, this is the LAST place on earth who want to look for one! At best, the girl is honest and will just turn you down (and rejection is always unpleasant), at worst, the girl will pretend to go with it and will take as much money/goods/whatever from you as she can before she buggers off. “Pretty woman” is just that-a pretty, FICTIONAL story that has no basis in reality. besides, what are the chances that you look like Richard Gere?

Commitment vs.monogamy

So many of us have this romantic notion of meeting “The One” and living happily ever after in never-ending marital bliss…
Wake-up call: it does not exist. It’s true,but not necessarily sad. We just have to be realistic about our outlook on life and our expectations. There is no “happily ever after”, but there is happy “here and now”. Yes,romance still exists. It just takes work.. And flexibility..And understanding..
I AM a romantic. I want to experience the kind of beauty that comes with that kind of feeling about someone and going forward in life with a partner. But you have to keep an open mind about love if its ever going to work out and I think that means you have to relinquish control. I don’t think it’s something you control or really choose-it sort of chooses you.
Love is almost like a bottomless abyss. Defence mechanisms for keeping yourself safe from falling down that abyss or “surrendering” to a relationship are jealousy,withholding part of yourself “just in case”,unnecessary conflict,being critical,infidelity,covert hostility or being in touch with who the other person ISN’T, instead of who they are.
We do this because we don’t want to get hurt. And every single one of us was hurt at some point by someone we loved.
These days we are as human beings are a lot more complicated. We’re also become more weary and more demanding. Men and women are developing higher expectations and sometimes that places too much pressure because your partner is not always going to be everything you want.
Its very difficult to find someone who can wear all the hats of passionate lover,trusted confidant,pillar of support,life coach and domestic helper. High expectations will only lead to anguish. Dating is far more rewarding if we define the kind of role we want a partner to play in our lives.
We have to learn to embrace and appreciate our differences and enjoy the fact that we all evolve differently.
For a while now, I feel I understand things better when it comes to what I want out of life. It didn’t happen in a flash; its more of a slow process of gaining wisdom and then you reach a point where you realise that you’ve figured things out in a general way.
So everything becomes easier and you look at life through these lens of greater self-awareness and know how to live more happily and enjoy everything more. Life becomes less of a struggle.
Commitment is in your heart and in your mind. It has nothing to do with a piece of paper or huge 2 karat diamond on your finger.
It’s about weathering the storms and finding it in your heart to forgive, even when your partner hurt and disappointed you.
We all make mistakes. No one is perfect. How much you truly love your partner, when all the initial “chemical lust” wore off and the dust settled? When all those little cute quirks of the other person become annoying, when you truly need your space,at least once in a while…
Monogamy is not natural. Not for animals, not for human beings. To me, true commitment is about loyalty, about “having your partner’s back”, no matter what goes on with you or around you.
The most successful couples (both hetero and gay) admit to having “flings” and even semi-serious months-long affairs with people other than their partners. But they always reunited with the ones they truly love and care for, the ones they committed to.
Yes,it could be absolutely heart-wrenching to watch someone you love go off and have a fling. But that’s the question you need to ask yourself: how much does this person mean to me? Will I be better off without him/her? Do they truly make me feel “complete”? Will someone new ever be able to fill their shoes?
Let’s face it: everyone will hurt or disappoint us at some stage. We just need to figure out which ones are worth suffering for.
Life is not black and white-it’s all shades of grey. It takes a lot of skill, and,yes,experience to navigate through it. If you can do it together with your partner, so much the better.
Ultimately, it’s the ability to handle “open”  that cements longevity of the relationship.
Different people have different ideas of what “open” means.
To me,there are 2 versions of those.
Version A: all partners in it together. No, not necessarily all having sex with each other. Not at all. It’s more of a “commune” thing, where everyone is aware of all the partners and everybody provides emotional support to each other. For instance, if my girlfriend has another girlfriend, not only we are all friends, but when I had especially shitty day or something major happened and my girlfriend is not immediately available (let’s say she’s at work), I can call on that other girl and expect a shoulder to cry on and understanding.
I am a big believer in a “safe place”-that’s where you go to and expect complete and full acceptance and understanding,even if you are dead wrong, just because this person/people love you and it’s “us” against “the world”.
So in Version A safe place would be provided by everyone to everyone in that relationship.

Version B is slightly different. It’s when you have a committed relationship with one other person, yet it’s understood that there would be times when either one of you will go out and see something yummy and partake in it. It means nothing. To me it’s just like having a drink of water when you’re thirsty: you have it,thirst is quenched and you don’t think about it anymore,as there is nothing to think about.
Here’s how this version works: if my girlfriend went out and saw a tartlet she felt like putting her fingers in (provided said tartlet was willing), she can certainly help herself. However, if it so happens that I need my girlfriend that night for emotional support (see above:something happened, I had a horrible day,etc), I expect her to withdraw her fingers from the tartlet and come right over and be with me,because I am her partner and I need her. It would not bother me the slightest bit that she was with someone else just minutes before. What’s important is that she’s there for me. That’s commitment.
Having someone help you doesn’t mean that you failed-it just means that you’re not in it alone.
In my opinion,that’s how long-term relationships survive. It’s about give and take. You can’t take all the freedom from the other person and expect them adore you forever. It just doesn’t work. It breeds resentment.
Bottom line: it’s all about being thoughtful. Thoughtfulness is worth it’s weight in platinum and if we all put a little more of it into our relationships,chances are, we’d all be a lot happier.

Las Vegas brothels

They are not actually IN Las Vegas,as prostitution is illegal in Clark County. It is,however,legal in Nye County-about 45 min drive from Las Vegas through the mountains.
The town is called Pahrump and it’s quite literally in the middle of nowhere.
The most famous brothels of Nevada/US are located in there: Chicken Ranch, Cherry’s Ranch and, further down towards Reno, Bunny Ranch and some others,smaller and less famous.
Brothels are located way down dirt road (maybe they paved it now) outside of town.
Chicken Ranch, when I worked there, was basically a set of trailers connected to each other. Cherry’s Ranch was the same, but I’ve heard it was doing really good, so they’ve probably expanded and maybe even build some “real” houses.
To get a job in one of the brothels, you could stop by or call them and have an interview.
Then,when you were ready to start (always on Mon), you had to go to Las Vegas Health Department and be tested for STDs and HIV. This had to be done first thing in the morning and then you had to be at the brothel by 6 pm (they are assuming that you won’t have enough time to have unprotected sex during that window).
If you arrived later than 6 pm, the brothel would not accept you and then it’s until next Mon,when you can go to the Health Department again.
Once you arrived, all your belongings were searched for drugs. Back when I worked there (over 10 years ago), you also had to surrender your cellphone and all your cash.
There is a payphone inside the brothel and you could make and receive calls from it.
The reason cash is surrendered is because brothel takes 50% of ALL your earnings (including tips) and they do random room searches to make sure no one is cheating. All the money must be given to house Mom (manager) and it is paid to the girls in a form of a check at the end of the week. Taxes are not taken out,as girls are considered “independent contractors”.
If it was your first time there, you were also taken by the manager to the local Sheriff’s Department, where they checked your criminal record (you couldn’t work if you had pending matters and if you had serious  offences on you record, or even outstanding moving violations-that means “speeding” in US), took your fingerprints and a photo and issued you a “Sheriff’s Card” that clearly stated that you are a “prostitute”.
You are then assigned the room at the brothel. This room is yours and yours only for the duration of your stay. The way the law works there is that you cannot leave the brothel while you working. At all. For any reason. They don’t do out calls,either. If you leave, you’ll need to start the whole process again: Mon at the Health Department,etc
You couldn’t start working straight away,either-brothel would wait for a call from a Health Department confirming that you’re “clean”. It took until Tues night or Wed morning,usually. You were free to relax,watch TV,read,etc. If the call from Health Department confirmed that you had some sort of STD, you had to leave, fix the problem and then start all over again.
All girls are taken to the local doctor once a week (usually Tuesday) and they get about 2 hours in town to shop/eat out/do whatever. The rest of the time everyone stays inside the brothel.
Brothels provide 3 hot meals a day,cooked by a professional cook and refrigerator was always fully stocked with cold cuts,cheese,bread,fruit,etc.
There was also TV in the girl’s lounge,pool and exercise equipment
Some girls, who worked there all the time (usually 3 weeks on, 2 weeks off), had permanent rooms and would decorate them quite nicely at their own expense.
Some rooms had private bathrooms and others had to share those with another room.
Linens were provided along with the towels,but you had to do your own laundry-washer and dryer were available.
You had a choice of working either “day” or “night” shift. They both were 12 hour shifts,as brothel was open 24/7 every day of the year. It meant that you had to be at every line-up on that shift and would sleep ( or do whatever you please) undisturbed during your “off” hours.
Here’s how it worked: customer would come in and speak to the house Mom. She would sit him down on the couch in the lounge. She would then ring the bell that is heard throughout the house. All girls working that shift would line up in the hallway. They then would come into the lounge in a straight line (yes,all of them). They would introduce themselves,but in a short way: “Hi,I am Cleo”-that’s all. House Mom would ask the client which girl he wants and him and the girl would go into her room to discuss the particulars.
About the pricing…  The world famous Chicken Ranch “menu”. Although not required, girls were encouraged to write their own “menu” of services along with the prices: i.e. blow job-$150, straight sex-$200,etc. You could get as creative as you wished, listing every possible position and option (sex in the shower,for instance) and house did not restrict your pricing: you could ask for $3000 if you wanted and felt like you were able to get it. House was only too happy,as they were getting half of it.
As a rule, back when I worked there, absolutely nothing could be had for less than $150 (it would be a quick BJ probably with clothes still on-took about 15 min) and normally girls asked for about $300-$500 for a session. It is illegal to sell time in Nevada, so all the prices were per “deed”. Once the client was done (came), booking was considered over. Sometimes we chatted with  clients a bit, but that was really in hopes of getting them to book “another go”, which would normally be about $200.
There was also a private bungalow out back, completely self-contained, with satellite TV (not so common 15 years ago) and all-you-can-drink booze, unlimited meals and unlimited sex,of course (but girls didn’t worry much-with unlimited booze,meals and satellite TV it was pretty easy money,as a matter of fact). That cost $3000 for 24 hours. You could book it for longer, but not for less.
Once the client completed negotiations (just like a-la-cart menu at the finer restaurants-they’ve decided what they wanted and added up total cost), the girl collected the money and took it to the office to the house Mom.
If, for some reason,client and the girl could not come to an agreement, she would “walk” him-take him back to the lounge and he would be given another line-up without that girl in it.
House Mom kept the books for everyone. We were free to look at our books whenever we wished. Getting a total of $1000 in a shift ( your cut) would get you a stamp in a shape of a chicken just breaking out of an egg (hahaha- Chicken Ranch humor), so everyone was striving for a “chicken”.
Since moving to this Hemisphere (New Zealand ), I could never  “break a chicken” until just 3 weeks ago: prices are too low and punters are too cheap-hardly anyone tips,especially in NZ and no one wants to pay for extras. The only reason I finally did it, I think,is because I was working in this new brothel and the house Mom was a Hungarian woman who took a liking to me and she was seriously hassling for me.
Minimum stay at the brothel for a girl was 10 days (Mon through Wed). Wed was a departure day. You could stay longer and a lot of girls who were from out of town stayed for a month. It is pretty hard, though, and it definitely gets to you and plays with your head.
I had a friend there who lived in Las Vegas and worked for 3 weeks with 2 weeks break in between. She was quite young and incredibly hot with amazing body. She made about $20K every time she worked ( every 3 weeks).
The way I’ve heard it, Chicken Ranch was on decline, while Cherry’s Ranch was expanding and even building it’s own golf course!
There was also a casino build half-way from the town to the brothels and it, undoubtedly, increased the traffic.
Economy is not good in the States at the moment and I am not sure how it impacted the brothel’s business.
But this is, in fact, the oldest profession in the world: it survived wars, famine,disease,revolutions and changes of government. I am sure they are doing just fine

My second introduction to penis

I was 10 or 11 years old. Both of my parents were high-ranking (Olympic caliber) professional athletes, so when the school holidays rolled around and they were in some other city training, they would often have me fly to that city to spend time with them. It was never both of them at the same time, as they were in different sports and were training in different cities-they hardly saw each other.
I think that’s when I first got bitten by a “travel bug”-I absolutely loved flying,airports,hotels,restaurant meals… It was great!
This went on since I was about 7 and continued all through my school years-until I was 17.
Mostly, it was my Dad who traveled extensively (my Mom’s career was over by the time I was 10). I didn’t get to see him much even when I was in the same town with him-after all, he was working.
For him it meant getting up at 5:30am for morning training, then I would join him and his teammates for breakfast at 9am, then he would be away at sea training all day (he was a Chef Coach of Soviet National Team in yachting) until dinner at 6 pm and then he would be in the room watching TV and falling asleep by 8pm-yachting is a very intense sport.
So I learned how to entertain myself since I was very young. I think it really was a good thing, as I’ve learned how to be responsible, how not to get lost and how to look after myself in general.
When I was really young (6-9), Dad would leave some money with a front desk receptionist for my lunch, and later I took care of all that myself.
I very much looked forward to these holidays and saved up my allowance. I was very good at budgeting even then 🙂
In Russia, summer (June-August) is a traditional holiday time. All schools have this time off and a lot of people try to schedule their annual leave for those months as well.
Very popular tourists spot in Russia is Sochi-city by the Black Sea.
A lot of people would flock to Moscow as well,as it was a capital.
During summer months,especially when Mom’s volleyball career was over, we would try to spend a month together as a family somewhere (after my Dad finished his last competition of the season,usually held in Tallin in July).
During one of those holidays we were staying in a hotel in Sochi for the whole month of August.
Normally my parents would get a room with 3 beds and we would be sleeping in the same room.
Hotel rooms during summer months were at a premium and if you didn’t have “connections” you simply could not get one.
As you can imagine, it was very corrupt environment, where hotel and duty managers were taking bribes for reserving and distributing the rooms (everything was owned by the Government, but still managed locally).
Each floor had a receptionist as well. She (always a “she”, was seated right by the elevators and asked to see your room keys when when you attempted to enter the hallway leading to the rooms. Those receptionists had a list with the guest names corresponding to the room numbers. Again-plenty of opportunities for bribery, as you couldn’t, technically bring someone in who wasn’t a registered guest in that particular room.
My Dad knew a lot of hotel managers and those receptionists, as he traveled all over with the Soviet National Team. Those women loved him: he brought them presents from overseas AND he was a very good-looking men and slept with fair share of them as well.
One night, during our stay, receptionist told my Dad that one of the rooms on our floor will be unoccupied overnight and he can have it, if he wanted to have some “private time” with my Mom (obviously,otherwise impossible with all 3 of us sleeping in the same room).
So off I went to sleep in that other room, while my parents, presumably, engaged in hot love-making.
As I’ve mentioned before, I was very self-sufficient and welcomed the opportunity to just lay in bed and watch whatever TV channel I wanted.
I will never know exactly how it happened, but I woke up in the middle of the night and there was a man standing by my bed. I didn’t know who he was (or,at least, I don’t think I did)
He was saying “Shhhhh, your parents sent me over. They wanted me to make sure you’re OK”. Although the whole scenario was a bit strange, I was not alarmed at first. I was also a bit disoriented in the dark,having been asleep just a second ago.
The man sat down on the edge of the bed and started stroking me. Very gently at first and just my arm and back. Very soon, though, he was moving his hand between my legs. I froze. He was an adult and he said he was in my room at my parent’s request. I was brought up to obey adults. He kept saying “Just be quiet”.
I was scared now, but didn’t want to scream and bring any kind of attention to myself, as I felt it would be interpreted as my fault, somehow. So I just lay there.
In the meantime, the man unbuttoned his pants and took his penis out. He was now stroking himself at the same time as he had his hand between my legs, molesting my vagina.
He was clearly getting excited. Before I knew it, his finger was inside of me, but he was quite careful with it, not being rough, probably because he was afraid that I will scream if he hurt me.
That went on for a few moments and then he maneuvered himself so he was rubbing his penis on the side of my leg,still having his finger inside of me.
Then I heard him groan and I felt something warm on the side of my leg. Next thing I knew-he was gone.
I never saw his face, because he never turned the light on.
I was laying in bed,scared and shaking. I knew I could never tell my parents about this,as I really thought that my Mom, especially, will somehow make it all my fault and I will be severely punished,as I instinctively knew that what had happened was a really bad thing,indeed.
I went to the bathroom and washed myself carefully. There was a bit of blood between my legs and I was a little sore, but not too much-bastard made sure that he wasn’t roughing me up, so I won’t scream.
I will never know how exactly  he got in the room and who he was. I do suspect it was someone who knew my Dad and my family (there were few of his teammates staying in the same hotel)-that’s how he knew I would be in the room alone that night. I don’t know how he got the key, but back then hotels used old-fashioned keys and a lot of those fit different locks.
It could have been that the floor receptionist wanted to make some money “on the side” and set the whole thing up in order to “sell” me to some pedophile she knew…
I blocked the whole thing from my memory for a long time.
It did come back to me when I was 15.
I’ve decided that it was the day I will allow my boyfriend to have sex with me “all the way” (before then he never penetrated me, just rubbed himself on my vagina lips).
Well, we did it. When he finished and a few moments later realised that there was no blood, he didn’t say anything, just got up and got dressed.
The atmosphere was tense and awkward and I was trying to make a small talk, but he was responding with “yes” and “no” only and clearly couldn’t wait to get out of my house.
We’ve never talked about it again, but I knew he thought that I’ve slept with some other guy ( we were dating for 2 years). “Code of honour” was a pretty serious thing in my hometown back then. No  one just “slept with somebody”. Having sex (especially at the age of 15) was a very serious decision, often leading to an engagement and marriage.
I also knew that no matter what I said, he would never believe me and it would just make me look guilty. So I said nothing. Our relationship didn’t last much longer after that.
I haven’t had sex again until I was 17.